Rovaniemi parish

The Rovaniemi landscape is dominated by hills and beautiful riversides. The town of Rovaniemi was established in the crossings of the rivers Kemijoki and Ounasjoki.

Rovaniemi parish is one of the largest parishes among the Finnish Evangelical-Lutheran parishes, measured on the basis of members and geography. The surface of the parish is 8014 square kilometers. Parish consist of about 50 000 members, which is approximately 85 % of the whole population of the area.

The majority of the Finns belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, which is considered to be a national church. We have good ecumenical relationships with both Greek and Roman Catholic churches, other Protestants and especially with Anglicans.
The early stages of Lutheran Parish in Rovaniemi date back to the beginning of 17th century. At the time Rovaniemi was a part of Kemi Cardinal Parish. The first church was built already then. The history as an independent parish begins from 1785. The Parish belongs to the Rovaniemi Deanery and Oulu Bishopric (the link in Finnish).

The parish is divided into four districts as follows:
The Central City (the church, Viirikangas Chapel)

Ounasvaara-Alakemijoki (Ounasrinne and Muurola Chapels)
Korkalovaara-Ounasjoki (Korkalovaara, Sinettä, Meltaus and Maijane´n Chapels) and
Saarenkylä-Nammankylät-Yläkemijoki (Aapakirkko, Jouttikero, Autti and Viiri Chapels)

The parish has all together ca. 140 employees.

Parish Central Office is situated beside the main church, in the Parish Centre.
The street address of the office is Rauhankatu 70.

The Central Office is open Mon – Wed 8 a.m.- 3 p.m. and Thu 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., tel. +358-16-335511, telefax +358-16-346938.

"Sinun luonasi on elämän lähde, sinun valostasi me saamme valon." (Ps 36:10)