Worship services in Rovaniemi Parish

Welcome to our church!

On Sundays we gather together as Christians to church service. The content of our service is the same as everywhere in the world: we pray for important topics, we read the Bible, we hear teaching, we come together for Eucharist (or blessing). After the service we may also pray for you, as you wish: come and ask for prayer for your own situation, or come to receive a blessing. 

Services are held in Finnish,  but we provide an English translation at Rovaniemi Church 10am services.

Come as you are, anytime!

OMA - You are precious to me

God loves you so much that He was ready to sacrifice His own Son for your sake. We are extremely dear and precious to Him, even when we have messed up very bad, when we fail or when we hurt others or ourselves. This is what OMA stands for (You are precious to me, in Finnish: Olet Minulle Arvokas).


In OMA mass we encounter God and one another, we grow in faith and in knowing God and we serve with those gifts and talents that God has given to us.

Winter-Spring 2021

What does God promise to me and to us? What do His promises mean in my life? What about in the life of His church? These are the questions that we discuss in OMA masses every second Sunday at 5pm and in the home/connect groups on the weeks between. Simultaneous translation to English provided.

17.1. Good news!
31.1. God’s undercover agent
14.2. Working for Father
28.2. Armour of love
14.3. How are we equipped?
28.3. What did I do wrong?
11.4. Pic, or it did not happen
25.4. At the crossroads
9.5. How does God answer prayers?
23.5. You want it all, and you want it now?

What mass?

OMA mass is a worship service of Rovaniemi Evangelical Lutheran Parish that is prepared together with a team made out of parish members. It consists of touching music, down-to-earth teaching, heartfelt prayer, and nurturing Eucharist - and laid-back hangout after-church.

What home group?

Home groups are a heart of the parish. <3 Home group is a small group of parishioners that comes together every other week to chat, to pray, to read the Bible - and to cook, play floorball, spend time outdoors, or whatever the connect group chooses to do. In other words, in these groups you have a chance to hang around with smaller group, to create lasting friendships & to feel like family with other church members, to bring your own prayer requests and to read the Bible together.

Do you want to join a home group? Contact directly, or leave your contact information on the connection card. Our goal is to find each willing person a connect group with people who share similar mentality / life situation.

What team?

Do you know how to photograph? And to play or to sing? Are you interested in light and sound technics? What about social media communications? Are you good at languages? Or drawing? Or new people? Or talking to strangers? Would you like to learn how to pray for others?

OMA wants you! As a member of a team you get to use your talents, to learn new things, and to make OMA masses possible. It is possible to come to do and to learn new things in all teams. Ask Milla for more information, p. 040 358 6067.


Do you have ideas or wishes with regard to improving OMA mass? Share them - and come to make your wishes true!